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Vention 5 Meter Black Cable Ties (KAABJ)

  • Brand: Vention
  • Name: Cable Winder
  • Model: KAA
  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon blended with a plastic hook and flannel
  • Length Options: 1M/2M/3M/5M
  • Paste Method: Hook and loop fastener
  • Features: Free cutting, strong adhesion, reusable
  • Application: Family/Office
  • Package: PE Bag

KSh 260.00 KSh 350.00

Vention 5 Meter Black Cable Ties (KAABJ)

Key Features

  • Free Cutting: One of the most notable features of the Vention Cable Winder is its flexibility in length. You can cut the cable winder to any size you need, making it perfect for a range of applications. Whether you need to organize small headphone cables or large network cables, this product can be tailored to fit.
  • Optional Lengths: The Vention Cable Winder comes in various length options: 1M, 2M, 3M, and 5M. This ensures you have the right length for any project, be it a simple home setup or a complex server room.
  • Strong Adhesion: The cable winder features a separated hook and loop fastener with strong adsorption capabilities. This ensures that once the cable is secured, it remains in place, preventing any messy loose ends. The strong adhesion mechanism ensures that your cables stay organized even if you need to move them around frequently.
  • Strong Cohesion: Durability is key when it comes to cable management, and the Vention Cable Winder doesn’t disappoint. Made from a blend of sturdy nylon with a plastic hook and flannel, it guarantees long-lasting use and excellent cohesion. This means your cables will remain securely fastened for extended periods.
  • Reusable: Unlike single-use cable ties, the Vention Cable Winder is designed for multiple uses. Simply unwrap and readjust as needed. This not only makes it a cost-effective solution but also an environmentally friendly option as it reduces waste.

Application Scenes

  • Cables Management: This product is ideal for anyone looking to keep their cables in order, making it easy to find and manage cables whenever needed.
  • Home: Whether it’s your entertainment setup in the living room or your workspace in the study, the Vention Cable Winder is perfect for keeping cables neat and out of sight.
  • Internet Cafes: In a professional gaming or working environment, it’s essential to have a clean and efficient setup. The Vention Cable Winder ensures that all cables are organized and easy to manage.
  • Computer Rooms: When dealing with large volumes of networking and power cables, cable management becomes crucial. The Vention Cable Winder can handle multiple cables with ease, ensuring a tidy setup.
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