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Giganet 15kVA/15kW 3-Phase Online Double Conversion UPS

  • Capacity VA/Watts: 15kVA

  • Power Factor: ≥0.99

  • Nominal Voltage: 380/400/415Vac (3Ph+N+PE)

  • Operating Voltage Range: 138~485Vac(Full load); 208~478Vac(50% load)

  • Crest Factor: 3:1

Giganet GN-UPS-15KVA-3RT 15kVA/15kW 3-Phase Online Double Conversion UPS

The Giganet 15kVA double-conversion Intelligent Online UPS comes in a Rack / Tower convertible design and offers the maximum power protection, to ensure clean power is supplied to Network equipment & servers and seamlessly switches to battery backup when inconsistent power is detected.


Double conversion online design
Input power factor correction (PFC) technology, input power factor up to 0.99
Digital signal process (DSP) makes the system more stable and reliable
Parallel cabinet is not required, it can be paralleled directly; 10~30kVA can be paralleled by 4 sets, 40~50kVA by 6 sets
LBS synchronization (40~50kVA)
Battery pack can be common connection in parallel operation
30~50 pcs batteries are settable
Suitable for complete unbalanced load
Users can set the charging current, constant current, constant voltage and floating charging three-stage charging management automatic smooth switch
Output overload, output short circuit, inverter over temperature, battery under voltage warning and battery overcharge protection
Static electronic bypass switches
DC start function.
Fan intelligent speed regulation design, prolong fan life, high efficiency and energy saving.
EPO (Emergency Power Off) function
LED+LCD Display


Nominal voltage380/400/415Vac, (3Ph+N+PE)
Operating voltage range138~485Vac
Operating frequency range40Hz~70Hz
Power factor≥0.99
Harmonic distortion (THDi)≤3% Linear load

Bypass voltage range

Max.voltage:220V:+25% (Optional+10%,+15%,+20%) 230V:+20% (Optional+10%,+15%)

240V:+15% (Optional+10%)

Min.voltage:-45% (Optional-10%,-15%,-20%,-30%)

Frequency synchronize tracing range±10%
Generator inputSupport
Output voltage380/400/415Vac (3Ph+N+PE)
Voltage regulation±1%
Power factor1.0


Line Mode±1%/±2%/±4%/±5%/±10% of the rated frequency (Optional)
Bat. Mode(50/60±0.1%)Hz
Crest factor3:1
Harmonic distortion (THDv)≤2% with linear load

≤5% with non linear load

≤2% with linear load

≤4% with non linear load

OverloadLoad≤110%: last 60min,≤125%: last 10min,≤150%: last 1min


Efficiencyup to 95.5%

Battery voltage

Optional Voltage: ±180V/±192V/±204V/±216V/±228V/±240/±252/±264/±276/±288/±300Vdc (30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50pcs optional) 360Vdc~600Vdc (30~50pcs, 30pcs default, 36~50pcs no power derating;

32~34pcs output power factor 0.9; 30pcs output power factor 0.8)

Charge Current(A)18A Max.20A Max.
Transfer timeUtility to Battery: 0ms; Utility to Bypass: 0ms
Alarmoverload, utility abnormal, UPS fault, battery low, etc.
Protectionshort circuit, overload, over temperature, battery low, fan fault alarm





USB, RS232, RS485, Parallel port, Dry contact port, REPO port, Backfeed port, SNMP card (Optional), Battery temperature sensor (Optional)


REPO port, LBS port, Dry contact port (Backfeed/Battery breaker driver), SNMP card (Optional), Relay card (Optional), Battery temperature sensor (Optional)

Operating temperature0℃~40℃
Storage temperature-25℃~55℃(No battery)
Humidity range0~95% (Non condensing)
Altitude<1500m, derating required when>1500m
Noise level<55dB<56dB<58dB
Dimension W×D×H (mm)440×670×130 (3U)440×800×175 (4U)
Net weight (kg)2527284548
SafetyIEC/EN 62040-1, IEC/EN 62477-1
EMCIEC/EN 62040-2 (IEC 61000-2-2, IEC 61000-4-2, IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 61000-4-4, IEC 61000-4-5, IEC 61000-4-6, IEC 61000-4-8, IEC 61000-4-11)
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